The Lamb Horned Beast And Bombing

You know it is always interesting to listen to political partisans. They defend bombing when it is from members of their own party and condemn it when it is from others. What is interesting to me is the discourse of deception used by political leaders, especially and including our own United States of America (I write from Nashville, TN).

Here we condemn others for being evil while the cause of this country is just. We are looking out for peace and justice and good in the world. Even when the nation actively bombs others. It is for their own good. We hate that there will be collateral damage, but we must stand up for good. And yet, there are many oppressive dictators in the world, why key in here. Why do nothing when genocide is happening in other places and do something here? Why bomb Libya and do nothing in Darfur?

Now some might argue, What is wrong with looking out for one’s self interest? A reasonable argument. The problem is that they don’t tell us that is what is being done. No they tell us that they are looking out for “peace and justice.” No they tell us it is because human beings are being oppressed.

This is the very nature of demonic discourse. To hide ones hand behind flowery language while doing things for the good of ourselves. That is the very nature of a Beast that wants you think it is a lamb. What the bombing of Libya and the discourse for the reasons why we bombed them tells us is that they will not tell us the truth.

No this is not a partisan fight. But the great American reason for doing anything is its own interests. This is not necessarily demonic. What makes it demonic is to argue that the reason for its actions, whether by Bush, Clinton, even Obama, is for the good of humanity. And this is trying to hide its beastly characteristics in the clothing of a lamb.

We Are Pilgrims – Pain Makes Me Yearn For Home

Hebrews 11:13 speaks of the faithful being pilgrims who only saw the promise from a distance. I think it is important for us to live effective and fruitful lives in this world. It is important to occupy till the Master returns. In that we are to take that which the Master has placed in our hands and get an increase. (Luke 19:12-13). It is important that we do not fall into the trap of thinking that there is nothing for us to do here but wait. The world should be better because we have been here. We should “lighten the corner where we are.”

After having said that, we cannot ever lose the fact that we are still at a distance from God’s incoming Basilea. Things will get worse, and even in places we may see some things get better before they get worse. We may live a good life and then again we may have barely enough to survive. Whatever the case, we are pilgrims and strangers.

I Yearn For Home

Yes I am a citizen of the United States, but I am also a citizen of the Basilea of God. And my ultimate loyalty is to that. And because of that I yearn for the home that I have only been able to see from afar. I yearn for that home when thousands of our sisters and brothers die in an earthquake and the resulting Tsunami in Japan. I yearn for that home when I hear of children, elderly, those with special needs, and the weakest amongst us being abused by those more powerful. I yearn for home when killing citizens is referred to as “collateral damage.” I yearn for home…

I know it’s old school, but every once in a while I just want to think about walking on the streets in glory. I want to think about asking Moses about the exodus. I want to think about the lion lying with the lamb, I want to think about “peace in the valley.” And yes, along with Rance Allen I long to just make it to heaven…that will be good enough for me!