Sabbath Permission to Stop

Photo by Vanderven
When I was buying my house, I was speaking to our Realtor. It was a Friday and we were not gonna be able to finish our work. She told me that we could finish the next day, I told her we will not be able to finish the business on the next day, because it is the Sabbath.

What is the Sabbath?

She looked puzzled and ask me, what is the Sabbath? It sometimes surprises me how many people have not even heard of this amazing resource that God has given to us. I then explained, that it was a day that we lay aside all of our regular business so that we can become closer to God and each other. Doing this business would detract from that purpose, so we cannot do this on the Sabbath.

I Wish I had a Sabbath

Our Realtor then said, we will do it on Sunday morning. She then said, “I sure wish I had a Sabbath.” I then told her that the Sabbath is not owned by any group, and that tomorrow or any Sabbath God has given you permission to stop.

Many of us would be just like that women, working and working, never stopping, if it were not for God giving us permission to just set it all aside. I pray that the Sabbath will be the blessing for you that God intended it to be.

The Most Divisive Book in Adventism – Questions on Doctrine

In 1957 a Book was Published that forever changed the Adventist church. That book is entitled Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions on Doctrine or simply Questions on Doctrine.

Evangelical Leader’s Questions

These questions were presented to certain Adventist leaders by leading evangelicals Walter Martin and Donald Grey Barnhouse. As a result of the answers Martin and Barnhouse concluded that Adventists may be deluded and wrong, but they were Christian brothers.

Evangelical Backlash on Martin and Barnhouse

While today that may not seem like a big deal, but at the time Adventists were almost uniformly considered members of a sub-Christian cult. Martin and Barnhouse took much flack from their evangelical brothers and sisters for stating that Adventism was not necessarily cultic.

Backlash inside Adventism

However, the shock-waves were not only felt on the outside, but on the inside of the church as well. M. L. Andreasen took strong exception to some of the views presented in the book. Most notably are the atonement and the human nature of Christ. Andreasen saw the book as a betrayal of fundamental Adventism.

Repercussions still Felt Today

Today, the waves are still felt as various independent ministries push the church to accept Andreasen’s position or to go on further down the road inside the evangelical movement. Much of the church does not realize it, but I would argue that this book and these meetings with Barnhouse and Martin have forever changed Seventh-day Adventism.

Conference Materials Online

I would encourage all to read the materials that come out of the Questions on Doctrine conference. Read this post for a link to the original book.

Here is a link to the page that will soon have all the presentations of that meeting. Here is the organizer Dr. Nam’s presentation.

In addition, you might be interested in Dr. Herbert Douglass’ very helpful summary of what happened in the mid 1950s to give birth to the book. See the very top of the list of documents. I really appreciate and respect Dr. Douglass’ work.

In addition, you might be interested in Spectrum’s comprehensive treatment of the conference as Richard Rice gave a daily walkthrough. The post are as follows: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

In addition you might be interested in Bill Cork’s two summaries of the conference. His first is found here, the second here.

Finally, you might be interested in Larry Kirkpatrick’s comments on the conference and his presentation found at GreatControversy.Org

T. A. McNealy's War With The Devil

The Southern Tidings is full of the evangelistic exploits that T. A. McNealy has engaged in over the years. While pastoring in Atlanta he made 300 baptisms as his goal and baptized over 280 in a few meetings. He broke through 300 baptisms on a few occasions.

However one story really caught my eye as I was reading these Southern Tidings online. in the 1978 Southern Tidings vol 71 number 12 of Southern Tidings which you can find at this link (Note: You need to download DeJaVu Browser Plugin to read it.)

On Page 5 it reads in part:

It seems evident that the Devil overheard Tom McNealy discussing his summer evangelism goal of 300 souls with Jesus. He therefore set himself to the task of foiling such an ambitious undertaking in the portion of his domain known as Atlanta. The Devil MISCALCULATED.

McNealy could not get one tent large enough so he joined two tents together. In the process of pitching the Big Tent, one of the large pipes fell on the evangelist and completely severed the upper portion of his right thumb. He picked it up and with his aides drove to the hospital as quickly as possible with the hope of replacing it before it died. The doctors tried, but it was too late.

He opend the meeting on schedule with his right arm in a sling and his left arm swinging for Jesus, and came out six weeks later with 270 precious souls baptized. Satan was defeated.

Today, this great man of God is still baptizing over 100 people a year as he continues his war with the Devil