Sabbath, Remembering What?

Wayne Muller states on page 6 in the book Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest:

Sabbath time can be a revolutionary challenge to the violence of overwork, mindless accumulation, and the endless multiplication of desires, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Sabbath is a way of being in time where we remember who we are, remember what we know, and taste the gift of spirit and eternity.

Remember God is the Ultimate Giver

Remember that it is God that is the ultimate giver. While some are trying to acquire just for the sake of acquiring, we cannot ever fall into that trap when we remember the Sabbath day as we should. During the first creation week, it was God that created all without the aid of humanity.

Remember You Must Stop

Remember that you must stop. We cannot just continue to do violence, using Muller’s term, to our own being (Body and Mind) by continuing to work without stopping. Certainly we all need permission to stop, yea even a command, because if we do not stop by choice, soon our body will stop on us.

Remember God as Creator

Muller didn’t write on this in the chapter, but one must recognize that in these last days, God evidently noted a need to remind the world that God is the creator. Revelation 14:7 declares that we should “worship Him who made.”

Perhaps God’s wants to remind the world that even though our economic systems are built on using humanity as cogs in its wheel; in God’s system humanity is not to be judged by what you accumulate. In these last days a message is going forth to remind the world that God is the creator, the Seventh-day is God’s Sabbath and we are to live in light of these facts.