Sabbath Permission to Stop

Photo by Vanderven
When I was buying my house, I was speaking to our Realtor. It was a Friday and we were not gonna be able to finish our work. She told me that we could finish the next day, I told her we will not be able to finish the business on the next day, because it is the Sabbath.

What is the Sabbath?

She looked puzzled and ask me, what is the Sabbath? It sometimes surprises me how many people have not even heard of this amazing resource that God has given to us. I then explained, that it was a day that we lay aside all of our regular business so that we can become closer to God and each other. Doing this business would detract from that purpose, so we cannot do this on the Sabbath.

I Wish I had a Sabbath

Our Realtor then said, we will do it on Sunday morning. She then said, “I sure wish I had a Sabbath.” I then told her that the Sabbath is not owned by any group, and that tomorrow or any Sabbath God has given you permission to stop.

Many of us would be just like that women, working and working, never stopping, if it were not for God giving us permission to just set it all aside. I pray that the Sabbath will be the blessing for you that God intended it to be.

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