T. A. McNealy's War With The Devil

The Southern Tidings is full of the evangelistic exploits that T. A. McNealy has engaged in over the years. While pastoring in Atlanta he made 300 baptisms as his goal and baptized over 280 in a few meetings. He broke through 300 baptisms on a few occasions.

However one story really caught my eye as I was reading these Southern Tidings online. in the 1978 Southern Tidings vol 71 number 12 of Southern Tidings which you can find at this link (Note: You need to download DeJaVu Browser Plugin to read it.)

On Page 5 it reads in part:

It seems evident that the Devil overheard Tom McNealy discussing his summer evangelism goal of 300 souls with Jesus. He therefore set himself to the task of foiling such an ambitious undertaking in the portion of his domain known as Atlanta. The Devil MISCALCULATED.

McNealy could not get one tent large enough so he joined two tents together. In the process of pitching the Big Tent, one of the large pipes fell on the evangelist and completely severed the upper portion of his right thumb. He picked it up and with his aides drove to the hospital as quickly as possible with the hope of replacing it before it died. The doctors tried, but it was too late.

He opend the meeting on schedule with his right arm in a sling and his left arm swinging for Jesus, and came out six weeks later with 270 precious souls baptized. Satan was defeated.

Today, this great man of God is still baptizing over 100 people a year as he continues his war with the Devil

T. A. McNealy – The Preacher Lightning Could Not Kill

In the February 1983 Southern Tidings which you can find at this link. there is an interesting story about Pastor T. A. McNealy. It is summarized below.

In July 1982,dark clouds broke out at in the city where pastor McNealy was preaching. Lightning knocked out the big transformer and flames flew from the transformer. At the same time the microphone that McNealy held was tuned into a lighted torch. Then he fell to the floor as darkness enveloped the area. The place turned into pandemonium.

The Southern Tidings repors:

Nothing Short of a miracle took place on a memorable night in July, 1982, when the dark nimbus clouds broke loose from their moorings, the thunder and lightning had a dancing party, and the elements spoke with the voice of a raging and angry giant. (Page 9)

There were several big booms that could be heard for miles and fire lept from the transformers. One woman’s false teeth were knocked out of her mouth.

Satan caused the the elements to knock this mighty man of God down to the floor, but he stood up and the series of meetings continued.

The Devil lost this battle for every night of the meeting from that day on the tent was filled with those who had come to see the Preacher that lightning couldn’t kill. More than 300 were baptized in that meeting.