Another Preparation Day Sabbath Brain Dump

The Sabbath is a celebration of God’s perfect creation. Celebrating the perfect creation means that we are somebody, we are valued. But more than this we celebrate present liberation and sanctification. God told Israel to remember the Sabbath because of both the deliverance from Egypt as well as the creation. We are also told that it is a great sign of God’s Sanctifying Power. Ultimately, the Sabbath is a celebration of the full restoration that will only come at the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.

Thus in addition to preaching the Sabbath as being the right day, we can preach the themes of Liberation, Sanctification, Creation, Covenant, Second Advent, even the Sanctuary as we weave in the present work of God.

So if someone says, “I am tired”…what is the Answer? The Sabbath of Rest!

Someone else may say, “I don’t feel like I am worth anything.”… what is the answer? The Sabbath’s call to remember God’s creation of a Very Good creation.

Someones else is saing, “I wonder if I have the strength to do what God calls me to do.” The answer… The Sabbath reminds me of God’s creative power which if it could create the whole world out of nothing can give me strength to overcome whatever is in my way.

Within this context the Sabbath can truly be the embodiment of our faith and worthy of the name “affirmation of our faith.” Praise God for the Sabbath.

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