Benefits of Reading Ellen White?

John Nix of the Ellen White Estate gives some interesting findings about the lifestyle blessings of regular study of Ellen White. While I have no idea of the methodology of the survey, the statistics are very intresting. for example of those members who read Ellen White daily 85% stated that they had a strong relationship with Jesus Christ while 59% of those who do not read her stated this. 82% of those who read Ellen White regularly also have daily Bible study while only 47% of those who do not read her had daily study.

What does this mean? Well, there are benefits to reading Ellen White regularly. It also might suggest that in practice a lack of Ellen White reading usually manifests itself in lack of Bible reading among Adventists…And vice versa…It also might illustrate that it is not “reading” Ellen White that necessarily contributes to the legalism that so many people think is rampant in the church at the present time.

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