Do You Want Victory?

victoryWe often lose in our battle because we don’t really want to win.  We talk about desiring victory over sin, but we keep the emblems of sin around, “just in case.”  Sure we want victory, just not the victory that requires sacrifice.  We want the victory that doesn’t require giving up anything.  We want an easy victory

Romans 6:11 gives us the key to victory.  It is a key that is not easy.  It is not what we want to hear.  But it is simply to “reckon” or “consider” yourself dead to sin.  This is a very interesting image.  Reckon yourself dead to sin.  How does one do that?  You do that by simply treating yourself as if you already have the victory.  This is not to say that you will not fall again.  You probably will.  But what it does say is that you are not aiding the enemy in your defeat.

You are acting as if you are victorious.  You are living as if you have already won.  You are standing firm in the victory that God has already given to you.  If you want victory, go ahead and stand in it.  Go ahead and live in it.  Victory is already yours.  For we are simply living in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. (Romans 6:8-Romans 6:9)

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