If You Can, You Must Do…The Church Needs You

Ellen White makes an interesting statement on page 85 of the book Counsels to Writers and Editors. In it she says: “It is the duty of all who can write, especially those who minister in holy things, to exercise their talents in this direction.”

Here Sister White encourages all to write if God has given you that talent. we have come to a point where we need an all hands on deck mentality. We cannot wait for an assignment from our oveworked pastor or conference official. We cannot wait until someone gives us a test to inform us of our abilities. We cannot wait until someone in church office resigns or retires opening the door for us. No we are to find what we can do, and do it with all of our might and strength.

Today, we are in an era where the power of the author has been magnified. If you can write you can reach literally millions very quickly. Ellen White spoke about our publications going out like the leaves of autumn, but I wonder if she would even be surprised at the power that the web has given to all of us.

But more than the writer. There are other talents in the church that we have not given to the Master. There are computer professionals who have some time while the church’s web presense languishes. There are teachers who could be holding GED programs or the like. There are health instructors who could be focusing on the “right arm of the message.” There are pleasant people who could be giving much needed ministries of encouragement. There are people with Biblical knowledge who could be giving Bible studies and readings. If you want to see an explosion…just think what would happen if those of us who have been given talents had the audacity to use them for the mission of Christ in the world. It would literally “turn the world upside down.”

The church needs you. If you are waiting for an assignment, then Jesus gave it to you when he said “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” “Ye” means me and it means you. If you need an ordination, then you got that at baptism. If you need a position, then you got that cause you been called an ambassador of God.

In short, if you can…Go head on and Do….The Body of Christ needs it…And we need it right now!

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