Lamb Horned Beast Chronicles

Many in the Adventist Blogosphere are fuming over the Scooter Libby situation. Ryan Bell, Johnny Ramirez, and the Oak Leaves blog are all talking about this situation.

For all the talk about justice and righteousness we have the actions of Satanic agencies. The people who are hardest on crime are the softest on on their own crime. The people who condemn the wickedness of others hide their own under a cloak of presumed righteousness.

Revelation 13 tells the story of a beast. Not a lamb-like one, but a beast-like beast that has two little horns like a lamb. This beast talks like a dragon, but wants you to look at its horns that supposedly speak of innocence. This beast will start a war on a lie and then tell you that the opponent had it coming anyway. This beast will kill thousands of innocent civilians as collateral damage to continue this war started on the basis of that same lie. This beast thinks that 30 months is excessive to leak information that is virtually putting a “hit” on another individual. Yes it is a beast.

However, God has a word. The third angels message. It is here to tell the world that this beast does not have the last word. This beast will be overthrown. Today, that lamb-horned beast continues stamping on all the principles it claims to support in its founding documents, But God has a word! God needs us to tell that Word. Let us tell that word.

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