Sanctuary Books On-Line

An individual wanted me to find ebooks on line that have to do with the Sanctuary in that we are studying that Subject this quarter in the Sabbath School Lesson. You will find a lot of books on the web that talks about that very subject.

First you should know that the Sabbath School Lesson itself is on line at this link. You can also find The Consecrated Way by A.T Jones of 1888 fame at this link. Edward Happenstall, who was a professor at Loma Linda and at Andrews University, wrote a book entitled Our High Priest, you can find it here.

Roy Gane, professor of Old Testament at the Adventist Seminary at Andrews University wrote a book on the Sanctuary entitled Alter Call which is also available on the net.

Maranatha Media has F. C. Gilbert’s Messiah in the Sanctuary, M. L. Andreasen’s The Sanctuary Service and S. N. Haskell’s Cross and Its Shadow. All of these and a few more can be found at this link.

Finally I was able to find Why Jesus Waits by Herbert Douglass at this link.

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