Sanctuary in Revelation

TabernacleAboveOne thing that is interesting about relatively recent Adventist study of the book of Revelation is that they have found and teach the obvious and extensive Sanctuary imagery in the Biblical book.  Such imagery demonstrates that a knowledge of the Sanctuary, as well as much of the Old Testament, is needed to understand the last book of the Bible.

A short thumbnail look at the references is as follows:

In Revelation 1 we see Jesus among the candlesticks.  In Revelation 4 we see the seven lamps of fire.  In Revelation 5 we see Christ as the slain lamb of God.  In Revelation 8 we see an angel offering incense on the alter before the throne.  In revelation 11 we see the temple and the alter being measured.  In Revelation 14 an angel comes out of the temple.  In Revelation 15 the temple is filled with smoke.  In Revelation 16 a loud voice comes out of the temple.  In Revelation 21 there is no temple in the city, for the Lamb is our Temple.

It would seem that an understanding of the Sanctuary and the Temple service is very important and necessary if we are to understand this book.   It definitely seems as though Adventists are at least right in saying that one should extensively place the Sanctuary in one’s understanding of this book,  and thus the blessing that comes on those who read the book of Revelation (Revelation 1:3) will apply to those of us who attempt to study the Sanctuary and its implications for our present and future.

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