Second Advent and Passivity – The Question and Conclusion

This brings us to the primary question. Why is passivity not possible? The answer is that the current work of the Spirit is to mature us and this maturity happens as we seek to live in God?s intention. For our purposes this is a call to active support of equality. Christ has not finished God?s current intention on humanity. God does not simply institute God?s intention in humanity without any work on our part. God is doing a work inside of humanity. That work is moving humanity to a maturation which will be the acceptance of God?s current intention.

Another reason why humanity cannot step back and do nothing is that if we do nothing then Christ will never have the Second-Advent for the maturation of God?s people is a component of God?s original intent. Therefore, this symbol of the heavenly sanctuary provides a way to understand the work of humanity in history that does not lead to despair for God is working to bring history to God?s intentions. Neither does it cause humanity to believe that there is no work for humanity to do.

Let me finally say that the Second Advent itself provides a check against despair. While we will not see the full institution of the Kingdom of God before the Second Advent, we will not give up to despair because we will fully overcome in that the culmination of this heavenly temple work is the Second Advent of Jesus Christ which means that our work does in some sense move history towards the climax. In addition, we cannot despair because as we work we see glimpses of the divine movement of history towards culmination. We see pictures here and there that remind us that the Kingdom of God has come even if it is not fully realized. These pictures are seen in the Sabbath symbol as well as the Heavenly Temple symbol.

I have shown that the Adventist symbols of Heavenly Temple ministry and Sabbath illuminate the Second Advent symbol in such a way that would work against any kind of passivity. These symbols help us to understand the role of human and divine agencies in the process of realizing the Kingdom of God. It also provides a glimpse of the appearance of the end by appealing to God?s intention (Sabbath). These symbols also provide a way to wrap up all of human history into the culmination of the kingdom of God.

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