Steps to a Cross-less Christianity

Perusing the best selling books of popular Christianity provides some interesting information. While there are certainly exceptions, it seems as though a “cross-less” Christianity has come into the drivers seat. There seems to be little difference between popular Christianity and the “present evil world.” (Galatians 1:4). It appears that there is a minimization of holiness that comes from an appreciation and participation in the cross.

What Will Draw Humanity

When the cross is removed or minimized which draws all men unto it (John 12:32), then we must play games or engage in all kinds of chicanery to “draw” humanity to our religion. While true evangelism should be based in the cross, without the cross we must emphasize a religion that is simply about “what you will get.”

In this religion, we talk forever about “God hooking you up.” We marginalize those who would speak of the importance of the Cross and Cross-living as legalists or unloving. And perhaps one of the biggest perversions, we make Christianity solely about “personal fulfillment.”

How Far Does Your Christianity Go?

This religion starts and ends with speaking of doing better at work and being a better father and parent. All are worthy goals, but devoid of the cross and its principle of “self denial” we end up with preachers spouting regurgitated pop-psychology. And then we end up with a religion that is indistinguishable from the living of the status-quo.

Is this all there is to Christianity? If it is, then let’s toss it on the trash heap of history. I want a Christianity that will turn the world upside down again! (Acts 17:6) I want a Christianity that will not only make me a better citizen, but also mold me into the image of Christ! Don’t remove the cross, you will not like what kind of Christianity you have left.

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