The Sabbath as Mindset – Summary of Posts

Is the Sabbath a day we keep? Is it just 24 hours in which we worship God and become strengthened for living the life we are all called to live? Or is it more?

In earlier posts I have looked at principles from the Sabbath. We have seen the Sabbath as Participation in Coming Kingdom. Here the Sabbath provides time to live as if the Kingdom of God has been more fully realized. We have also seen the Sabbath as Disengagement from the Present World. Here is a time to more fully separate from a world bent on destruction so that we can come back to that world with added vigor and faith that what we do does matter. We have also seen the Sabbath as a Celebration of our Communities. Here we spend time with our families and larger families to strengthen the bond between us and recognize that we do really need each other. Finally we have seen how contemplation of the creation that the Sabbath Celebrates helps us to victory.

All of these things point to the Sabbath being more than just a day that we rest on, but a mindset that informs us as we live every day. I can truly sing that old song that we don’t sing anymore, Don’t Forget The Sabbath. If you forget the Sabbath you lose something that will help you through the dark night we find ourselves in.

Praise God for the Sabbath!

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