The Sabbath Means God Can Make a Way

Trail in Snow
God's Trail Through

In the last days, Revelation 13 paints the picture of a beast that rises out of the sea and a beast that rises out of the Land. These beasts seek to overtake the people of God by forcing all the world to obey their dictates. The beast that comes out of the Land even causes fire to come down from heaven as it seeks to add divine authority to its dictates. This symbolizes a “false” revival that seems to attempt to replay the test given on the Mount by Elijah that the God who is really God should cause fire to come down from heaven.

Revelation 14 and the Sabbath

But in the midst of all of this error a message comes forth. The message is written of in Revelation 14:6-12. The people of the Second Advent Movement have referred to these messages as the three angels message. There are other messages in that chapter, but these three were seen as specifically for this time to tell the world.

The first of these messages is from an angel that has the everlasting gospel to preach unto those who live on the earth. The angel says to worship the creator in light of the judgment. Worship the creator. There is something about the two beast deception that requires a remembering of the Creation. It is here that the Sabbath comes in. For the Sabbath was created to remind us of the creator and the creation. It is here that we remember that God creates things out of nothing. It is here that we gain strength in the realization that no beast whether from land or sea, or dragon from heaven can mess up the desires of God.

Sabbath’s Unique Reminder

The Sabbath has been uniquely designed to be a reminder of the Creative power of God. And if we are going to make it through the evil days ahead, we must take ahold of that Sabbath-Creator truth.

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