Thou art the Man

So it is written in 2 Samuel 12:7. Nathan, the Prophet, had to inform King David that he was guilty of that very thing that incensed him when others did it. The other day I heard about a man who was obviously in the wrong and yet he accused his accusers of treating him incorrectly. While it is certainly possible that he was treated incorrectly on some level, it is amazing the ability of us human beings to notice slight wrong done by others and magnify that wrong, while at the same time minimize our own issues and problems.

Why Do We Hold Others to a Higher Standard?

What is it about us that makes many hold others to a higher standard than we hold ourselves? Part of it may be that we can rationalize our misdeeds because we know the full story. We know of our need for the money so we understand our taking it. We know we deserve the job for we cut corners to obtain it. We know we deserve the promotion so we do whatever it takes to get it including undermining others who we deem deserve it less…And yet at the same time, we don’t use any such criteria to judge others.

Am I Guilty of the Same Thing?

Because I have seen this over and over again, I begin to wonder if I am guilty of the same thing? Am I guilty of the very thing that I accuse others of? Jesus said it best when he condemned some for straining at gnats while swallowing camels. The more camels you swallow the easier it becomes…Soon you make the camels gnats and the gnats camels.

Lord help us accept the eye salve that we may see. (Rev 3:18)

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