Two Major Lessons of the Sacrificial System

M. L. Andreasen in his very helpful work The Sanctuary Service discusses two primary lessons that the sacrificial system impressed on the mind of the petitioner. The first lesson is Sin Means Death. We are told this explicitly in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is simply death. When we sin we are simply buying death, we are setting in motion a death cycle in our lives. We are simply setting ourselves up for future and sometimes present difficulties. The sacrificial system taught the petitioner clearly that sin means death.

The next thing that Andreasen notes is that sacrificial system taught is that forgiveness of sin requires confession and ministration of blood. Sin requires death, to be saved from sin requires the death of the sacrifice as well as confession of sin.

These two primary lessons were taught to those who offered a sacrifice in the typical service. Sometimes preachers note how difficult it was for those who lived under the Typical system. They “had” to bring a lamb, kill it, etc. Often preachers are attempting to describe the great difference between then and now where we presumably don’t have to do any of these things, however, the system lets us know that while we don’t kill a lamb, we kill the Lamb of God. While we don’t go to Jerusalem, we do by faith go to the heavenly tabernacle where Christ ministers. We can never let the “ease” of our forgiveness hide from us the great cost of our salvation to the Son of God.

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