Victory Through Submission

prayersubE. J. Waggoner wrote:

if we are willing to be as submissive to the word as is the inanimate creation, the fruit will be as abundant…We, like grass, are but teh powerless instruments through which God manifests His own power…Our part is to yield to the divine husbandman; His part is to cause the growth and the perfect fruit.

The command has come forth in 2 Peter 3:18 to grow. Grow in grace. Dr. Waggoner tells us that all we but do is submit to that just as the grass submits to the call of God in the beginning to “let the earth bring forth…”

God gives us the power to do God’s will. God blesses us with divine strength to obey that Word. If we would simply allow the vine to send its nutrients to us as we abide in that vine that abides in us. (John 15:4) Then we should see victories in our life, but these victories will not be for our own glory, but they shall be to glorify the Master who is actually doing the work through us, we have just submitted to that great power that is at work.

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