We Have an Anchor

Many websites and ministers are predicting or implying that this economic crisis will culminate in the final crisis that will usher in our Lord’s return. I wish to repeat, it may do just that, but then again it may not, but in any case this crisis is a real one for many.

A Real Crisis

This crisis has caused many to lose their homes and wonder where they will live. The crisis has caused some to lose their jobs and economists are certain that there will be more job loss in the near future. We see signs of crisis all around us.

It was with this backdrop that I read the first part of a sermon by Pastor Kirkpatrick of Great Controversy.Org. He wanted to remind people of 10 things that were still true even in the midst of the economic storm we find ourselves. You can find that article at this link.

What is Still True in the Crisis

As I read these 10 things an old hymn hit me, “Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?” Sometimes Christians like to believe that they will get through their whole lives without any storms, but we all will have storms in our lives. The songwriter takes for granted that “clouds unfold their wings of strife” and that “strong tides lift and the cables strain.” You will have storms in your life. The false prophets of “prosperity” may tell you that will always have money if you are on God’s side and the false prophets of universal and certain cure for all diseases may tell you that if you have faith you will be cured of any ailment, but they are simply telling you a falshood, you will have storms in your life. But the songwriter reminds us that we all have storms in our lives, but:

We have an anchor that keeps the soul
Steadfast and sure while the billows roll,
Fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
Grounded firm and deep in the Savior’s love.

Sing the Song

Certainly the dark clouds will stare at us menacingly from the air. Certainly the winds will blow us like it blows everyone else. And yes the rains will pelt us. It is true we will feel the effects of the storm, but our boat will only rock…so much, because we are fastened to the rock that won’t move at all. So wind do what you will, rain do what you gotta do, I ain’t going nowhere, because I am fastened to the rock. So go on ahead and cry, its a storm, but as you cry sing the song so that you can remember that the Rock of Ages holds us up even in the midst of that storm and one day we will see the other side of it.

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