All Eyes on Atlanta – Ted N. C. Wilson To Address Church On Sabbath – What I Want To Hear

New General Conference president Ted N. C. Wilson will address the world church this sabbath in perhaps his most listened to sermon to date. This has been an interesting election for a number of reasons. I hear some jubilant voices who have almost a “we won” tone.

Then there are those who are fearful of what they think may be a retreat to an earlier era that they fear will not work in today’s world. These argue that Adventism must be a “big tent” where anyone can become a member regardless of their views on evolution.

As I look at this sermon this weekend, I will be listening to echos of Gospel. I will want to hear a word of forgiveness and power that comes to us by the power of Jesus Christ. In short, I hope to hear about why I am a Christian.

In addition, I want to hear echoes of our peculiar movement. I want to hear a reminder of the role and the importance of this movement specifically. It is too easy to forget that there is an assignment given to this movement, and I hope that we will hear a word of that. In short, I hope to hear about why we are Adventist.

I also want to hear about the plans for the forward progress through mission. I hope to hear not a reheated fossilized message that does not address the needs of today, neither do I hope to hear untested conjectures that may not work.

Finally, I want to be inspired by its connection to the Holy Ghost. I don’t want to just hear truth, I want to hear inspired present truth.

Remind us that we are Christian, remind us that we are Adventist, inspire us to God’s mission in the world by a connection to the Holy Spirit. And then the people will be ready for 5 more years of work, toil, and life in this world, “should Jesus delay his coming.”

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