Be Ye Also Ready

Yesterday the Stock Market lost over 700 points. Today there will probably be more loses. Many fear that a very severe recession is possible, and some even say a depression. The leaders of the United States are scrambling to shore up the financial markets.

In this trying and difficult time, many are looking for the Bible to tell them what is going to happen tomorrow. Some are looking at the Bible as a soothsayer looks at the crystal Ball. We gaze into it hoping to find the answer for tomorrow.

Why do you Want to Know?

But why? Is it so that we can know when to stock up on canned goods and bottled water? Is it so that we can show off our knowledge? In Matthew 24:42-44 we are told to be ready. Not because we know exactly when the end will be, but because we don’t know.

Certainly there are signs that point to the end, and we can know when the end is near or even at the doors. (Mark 13:29). But that end is not necessarily tied to an economic implosion of the United States. We must remember that we have seen great economic crisis in this country, including the Great Depression of early 20th century, but the end was not yet. Perhaps we are looking in the wrong place.

What does God Say?

What does God say? in the scripture we are told to “be ready because we don’t know.” Today, I look at all the prophecy teachers and prognosticators telling us what will happen with certainty. I can’t do that, but I can say “be ye also ready.” Some still are telling me that the economy will crash today due to it being the last day of September, all I can say is “be ye also ready.” Instead of trying to look into the crystal ball why not just do what we are told to do, be ye also ready.

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