I Feel Like I’m In a Time Warp

Yeah, I grew up in Adventism so I have heard all of the argumentation on various issues. Issues like Jewelry and makeup…Issues like going to the movies. What is interesting is that folks still like to argue over issues like that movies when so many folks not only attend movies, but the ones who don’t simply bring it into their homes.

But that isn’t my point. My point is that whenever these issues come up, we end up with an argument between two sides that I have heard before. No I have heard it many times. I know what the conservative is gonna say. He been saying the same thing since rap sessions when we were in high school. And I know what the so called liberal is gonna say. Ditto.

It is like we have long ago given up thinking through or even thinking about the issue and have instead just become happy with our belief and argumentation all provided to us by a preacher or leader.

I mean no disrespect, but whenever these issues come up, I feel like I am back in high school. Sure the folks are 45, 50, 30, and 60. But it sure feels like I am at a camp meeting rap session waiting for the lunch bell to go to the cafeteria to get my meal.

The answer is to stop regurgitating what you heard. The answer is to go look again at all of these issues. But I guess lack of time and the need to respond because of our position will keep us back again doing what we always have done. And spout common knowledge as research. And stay in the time warp…..

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