Pie in the Sky or Present help

The Peacemaking RemnantAs the preacher, congregation, and the Spirit interact to create the preaching event the core beliefs of the Christian community are reaffirmed. The preacher presents a word that at times calls for radical confrontation with the powers of this world that are against God’s way. The preacher also presents a word that strengthens the resolve of an oppressed people reminding them that God is on their side and they can make it through. Thus the preacher is not speaking of “pie in the sky when you die� but empowerment in this world to take whatever the world gives and yet still work for God’s ideal on this earth keeping in mind that there is a judgement to which all must stand.

This perspective does not deny the future that God has promised. This perspective recognizes that the future promise is important to living today and it actually can guide us in present living. God’s future is a great compass that provides us with guidance. To quote Kendra Heloviak:

* Because God’s future will be an earth full of justice, worshippers seek justice now.
* Because God’s future will bring peace on earth worshippers act for peace now.
* Because God’s future will be an earth with plenty for all, worshippers act to end hunger now.
* Because God’s future will be existence without tears, worshippers act to comfort and to heal now.
* Because God’s future will be life without death, worshippers act to fight disease and death now.Peacemaking Remnant, pg 69

The preacher facilitates this understanding of making the future present in this world among the congregants.

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