Preaching with Power

R. Clifford JonesDr. R. Clifford Jones has?edited a book of interviews with prominent African American Seventh-day Adventist preachers entitled Preaching with Power.? You can obtain the book from the ministerial association.? In the next 11 posts I will look at each preacher?s

  1. Understanding of preaching.
  2. Method of sermon preparation
  3. Understanding of Adventist preaching
  4. Understanding of Black preaching

Preaching With PowerI would encourage all preachers to purchase and learn from the book.? In the introduction Dr. Jones presents a few points that have relevance to the four questions above.? First, on page ix Dr. Jones states that sermon preparation is hard work.? It requires much reading and study.? Second, Black preaching is difficult to isolate, but it is more form than style.? Also it has, according to Jones, two ?characteristic themes? God identifies with the oppressed and that the oppressed will eventually be delivered.? Finally Dr. Jones emphasizes that all the preachers believe that Black Adventist preachers must retain their unique Seventh-day Adventist teachings while they hold on to their cultural heritage.

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