Problems of Some Black Preaching

The problem of some Black preaching that makes it difficult to engage in authentic Adventist preaching is that we often celebrate, according to Rock, “doctrinal neutrality camouflaged in verbal vehemence.”

If we are honest with ourselves, we will realize that we have allowed people to prostitute the Black Tradition by simply yelling. We hear preachers copying the sermons from media ministers talking about our “Breakthrough” or our “blessing” while the teachings of our Adventist tradition and our Black tradition lay dormant.

Yelling and telling folks that they need to “worship God with noise” is not the essence of the Black preaching tradition. Less I am misunderstood, Celebration is an important component of Black worship and preaching. We should celebrate the goodness of God and the Gospel, but something is wrong when people are celebrating and have not been given any true reason for celebration.

There are some great Adventist preachers in the Black tradition, but noise without a core justice hermeneutic ain’t the beast of the Black tradition. And yelling without any application to the traditions of our own church ain’t Adventist preaching.

What is called for from Rock is not simply yelling…It is adherence to the Spirit of the Black Preaching Tradition as well as the Adventist Preaching Tradition. As we continue we will look at what Rock Considers we should do to get to that kind of preaching.

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