Revelation 13, John Hagee, and Jeremiah Wright

If you want to see how crazy those who teach Revelation 13 as the Great Second Advent Movement has taught it then I would invite you to turn on the television.

America a Beast?

I invite you to look at how Jeremiah Wright was treated for saying that America would be punished for its treatment of African Americans. Others have said similiar things. Many preachers have said that America would be punihsed for its killing of millions of unborn and/or allowing homosexuality in its borders. Some would expand it to pornography and the like.

All of these things have in common, that America will be punished for wrongdoing. For some reason, many in America finds such sentiment as unpatriotic or problematic. To say that america will be punished for wrongdoing is seen as a great problem and issue. And yet in these last days, we must preach this. Revelation 13 speaks of a lamb coming up out of the land with two horns like a lamb. Christians connected to the Great Second Advent Movement has seen in this a look at the United States of America.

In the late 1800s some even said that Slavery was an example of the lamb horned beast speaking like a dragon. America will cease being the land of religous liberty and will speak like a beast. We can see movements now setting things in place for this.

And when you say that, you will be seen as just another kook.

Roman Catholic Church a Whore?

And if that is not enough, the first beast of revelation 13 which is the roman catholic church is none other than the whore of babylon. All of the reformers saw it as such. Many Christians throughout history have agreed. Here we have the reality that a system that thinks to change times and laws and set itself up in the place of God is a condemned system.

America as a lamb-horned beast and the Roman Catholic Church as the whore of revelation. Open up Great Controversy. If you don’t think you are going to be seen as a kook member of a cult, then once again, just turn on the television and see what they are saying about others who say something similar. It will not be a hard sell to make you look like you are a member of a cult if you belive as much. In the end, we all have to make a decision. Will we follow a kinder-gentler message that is acceptable to all, or will we go the road that Rev. Wright and Rev. Hagee are showing us. The way of ridicule, but the way of being true to onesself and one’s understanding of truth. Because agree or disagree with them, they show what happens when you say something that is unpopular.

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