August 17, 2017

The Sabbath Not A Nap

Exodus 20:9 states that humanity should complete all of its labor in 6 days. “Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work.”

In The Sabbath, Jewish rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel asks is it possible to do all ones work in 6 days?

Heschel’s interpretation is that we should rest AS IF all of our work is done. He goes further to state that we should rest from even the thought of labor.

Just think of the rest that one would get on the Sabbath if that one would rest from even the thought of labor.

Just think of the energy one would bring to the world of work after such a rest. Just think of the spiritual heights one could reach by setting aside the thought of labor as one uses the time of the Sabbath solely for communion with God and others.

This is not merely a nap. Where you leave the cares of the world for a few moments before going back to them….this is a deep and profound rest that is truly a foretaste of a better day…

And it makes THIS day more livable…

Don’t miss your rest.

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