August 18, 2017

Ty Gibson and America’s Wake Up Call

I am happy for Ty Gibson’s article which unapologetically takes on racism without the usual caveats or “but what about” components that often litter many attempts to speak on race.

It is certainly refreshing…

But a bit sad that such clear and open denunciations of overt evil that are required by the Gospel of Jesus Christ are so few and far between that it stands out…

Some of the gems from this article are:

It is not sufficient for believers in the Christ to simply despise racism privately in their hearts. Our positions must be forthrightly proclaimed through whatever mediums of communication we each have at our command. Silence is not an option.


For followers of Jesus, all of this would seem to be elementary. And yet, as the racist rhetoric has become more public over the last couple years, I’ve been shocked by what I’ve encountered as a white person when in the company of white Christians. On a number of occasions I’ve found myself in conversations with white people of my own denomination in which racist sentiments have been verbalized as if searching for a green light of agreement, and when I’ve revealed my offense at such talk an awkward backpedaling ensues with the empty assurance, “But, I’m not a racist, of course.”

Brother Gibson…may your tribe increase…

Cause frankly…many of us African Americans are just tired of trying to prove to the larger community that Racism exists and that it is us and not white americans who are doing it…

Go read the Brutal Wake up Call by clicking this link.

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