Arguments for Conformity

devilThe other day I was reading an internet discussion where a Christian condemned the promiscuous lyrics of a popular musical artist.  The Christian said that the artist was a tool of the devil in the propogation of anti-Christian lyrics and the promotion of a anti-Christian lifestyle in the music.

Interestingly enough the other Christians came to the defense of the artist.  The arguments were as follows.  One said that the particular artist was not the worst offender.  This may or may not be the case, but it doesn’t address whether Satan is using the artist as a tool to propogate wickedness.

Another argument was a common one.  They simply attacked the Christian.  How do you know that the artist is singing wickedness unless you are listening to the artist.  Well there is some truth to this attack.  One cannot evaluate what one has not heard and seen.  However, it still doesn’t address whether Satan is using the artist as a tool to propagate wickedness, it only addresses whether the original Christian’s integrity.

Finally the last defense was something along the lines of “How do you know who is going to hell?  You don’t know the artist’s heart.”  Interesting, especially due to the fact that the original Christian never said anyone was going to hell, only that the artist’s music was a propagation tool for Satan.  This is the common attack that “only God knows my heart.”  Certainly this is a true sentiment, and ultimately God will decide with all the information about someone’s ultimate destiny, but it is absolutely ridiculous to assume that simply because I don’t know if someone is going to hell, I can’t evaluate whether their public statements (and songs) are in line with my own understanding of truth.

It is interesting how we have reached a point in time where those who  state “a song promoting promiscuity is wrong” are attacked.   Defending the values of the faith is mocked today.  Conforming to the world is the acceptable norm.

If we will stand in that great day, we must have the audacity to speak the truth, and the perserverence to stand even in the midst of attacks from our sister and brother Christians who have bought into the lie that the only sin that is worth condemning today is hypocracy.

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