It's A Lie!

crossfingersIt is assumed true by just about everyone in the church right now. you don’t even have to prove it. The church is full of legalistic finger pointers who are attempting to steal our assurance of salvation. They are running the church. They condemn you for eating cheese, they make those who are caught in sexual sin to feel unloved. They attack and put down. They put the writings of Ellen White above the Bible while they proclaim that they have reached perfection…

Where does this church exist?

I just wonder where this church is located. While it is true that you can find a church here and there or a member here and there that have this problem, I just haven’t seen it. The churches I see are overtaken by laxness not strictness. It is laughable to think that we have a widespread problem of condemning folks for eating cheese…There are not many people using Ellen White as a sledgehammer. We are to busy bending over backwards to not offend anybody. I mean many of our preachers don’t even use her name, instead they refer to their “favorite Christian author” or a “Christian author from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.” It is interesting that a preacher can refer to to “Billy Graham” or “John Wesley” or even “T. D. Jakes” but still doesn’t want to offend anyone by referring to Ellen White.

We Bought the Lie

And yet in this climate, we are accused of “worshiping Ellen White.” We have bought into the lie that we are too strict, and now all of our solutions presented have to do with solving this illusionary problem. So we always hear about grace and little about responsibility, well if we assume that all we hear is responsibility then we must set it aside for a while. We hear about what God did and nothing about what we are to do. And it makes sense, because we assume that we are correcting something. Well it is time to stop believing the lie that legalism is rampant. Stop believing the lie that too many are using the health message as a weapon.

Stop Believing the Lie

And if we stop believing the lie, then maybe we can begin to get some real balacne in our presentations. Then maybe we can begin hearing about grace and law. Then maybe we can begin hearing about our need for God’s act and our own response. If we stop believing the lie, then we will be in a position to speak to this present world rather than the figment of our own imagination where the readers of the “red books” run wild and vegans run off all of our converts.

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